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We love Brian Kesinger’s steampunk-y take on your favorite Transformers, and we figure many of YOU to, too! So reblog this post and you are entered to WIN your choice of Bumblebee (as seen on io9’s recent gift guide!), Optimus Prime or Megatron! 

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But I am guessing (hoping…?) you knew that already. Joaquim had a cool idea to do a little group illustration to celebrate Book 1 and thank you, the fans, for all of your support and enthusiasm since the announcement of Korra up until now. Mike, Joaquim, Ryu, Lauren, Colin, Ian, and I all “jammed” on it. We hope you guys like it, and we hope you enjoy the finale! And if you don’t, well… there’s always Book 2, eh?

I’m headed to a casual Book 1 wrap party/finale screening right now. I leave you to unravel the riddle of Ryu’s head-scratcher, “Not enough yet! We are still hungry for your clap.”



Boy was that a DOOOZY!!!!!!!

I love how everyone’s all cute and Chibbi, but Beifong’s too badass for that adorable thing, lol.

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Came across this on a site I browse which delivers exactly what it’s title says - wastes so much time.  Irked me a little (not a lot, just a little).  Of course, posts like that one justaskingfor all kinds of randomness and nonsensery in the comments, but I read it anyway for shits & giggles.  So now, when I tried to go to sleep, I kept thinking about why this image bothered me in the first place and thusly decided to post.  Get it all out so I can sleep.  Be fore warned - it’s be a long one!

SN: I’d love to hear ppls comments on this, and sorry for any typos - I’m actually kinda sleepy, haha.

It may be helpful first and foremost not to think as ‘black’ as a race, but also as a culture, African-American culture.  ‘White’ isn’t really a culture, as there are so many different subsets of culture under that umbrella.  I for one identify as African-American, just as someone might identify as Italian-American or Chinese-American or whatever else.  We all relate to our American-ness while still giving credence to the ‘lands’ we came from.  Unlike everyone else, though, I can’t trace the majority of my “blood-line” to a particular country.  Those kinds of records weren’t really kept for the folks brought over on slave ships.  (Let’s be real - it’s a part of our national history.)  A large part of my culture is was crafted in this country on plantations, on tenement farms, or in large cities.  That doesn’t make it any less valid, just a little different.

In regard to ‘month’ dedicated to race - Honestly, I don’t know why Black History Month gives people so many problems.  I wish we didn’t need Black History Month, or Hispanic Heritage month, and that in History classes we’d learn about all sorts of people in all sorts of time periods, not just in delegated times or ‘black history’ classes.  Black history is just as much a part of American-History as any other group of peoples, but when I was in school, we weren’t spending ample time on everybody.  I don’t get what’s so wrong about trying to show that Afro-American history extends beyond Slavery and Hip-Hop, or that Japanese-American history is more than internment camps, or Mexican-American history is more than border disputes.  What’s wrong with learning about other cultures?  Also, folks tend to forget that only about 60 years ago, people who weren’t of a peachy complexion were second class citizens.  Obviously, the countries made great cultural strides since then, but I’ve still be followed around stores in the mall or been called a Nigger when I was minding my own business.  But that’s for another post.

Magazines/Television Channel geared toward race - I occasionally like to read Cosmo for a dose of random smut.  I might pick up Vogue and look at all the pretty clothes I can’t possibly afford.  But, more often then not, when I look at makeup and/or hair tutorials, they’re not geared toward me, what with my cocoa skin and corkscrew curls.  Let’s be real, these articles aren’t often geared toward people who look like me.  I’m never going to look like Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, or Anne Hathaway.  (Which is okay, they’re beautiful women, but I like looking like myself.)  Plus, I’m sure there are a variety of cultural publications geared toward Italian-Americans or Arab-Americans.  And really, I don’t think that’s a problem.  There are lots of people of all cultures living in this country - why is reading about a hair cream for my hair or the successes of people of my culture such a horrible thing?  It doesn’t make me less American, nor make me any less connected from the rest of the country.  That said - it’s not black ‘only’ - anyone can read Ebony, it’s a free country.  If fact, it might really do people some good if they bought a copy.

Clothing Line geared toward race - do they mean like apple bottoms and fubu?  This one confused me…honestly, I feel like most women have a hard time trying to find jeans that fit, so I have no idea who any clothing line is targeted toward, lol.

Scholarship Fund for a particular race - I’m sure there are plenty cultural scholarships floating around for all different kinds of people.

tl;dr version - Sometimes people don’t really think about the things they attack, and it saddens me when they come after my culture and try to demonize it.  We are a land built on many cultures and of many colors - it is not impossible to embrace my culture, my country, and the cultures of others at the same time.

Thane? Or Garrus?  Thane….or Garrus….?

(This is really a choice harder than I thought it would be.)

This song makes me want to create things…
Emeli Sandé - Heaven

How am I in grad-school, but never had the fact I could double space the indented mini paragraphs and in essence make my papers longer pointed out to me?

How was this behavior never rectified?

I’m astonished…

I was there for this - ah memories. 

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The Complete Worldbending series. Avatar (The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra) as depicted by Windy-Asylum @ DA. (Pugletto @ Tumblr).

Information/Separate Threads:

  • Ancient/World Avatars - The one that started it all.
  • Air Nomads - The different Air Nations, as influenced by South America, Africa, and East Asia
  • Earth Nation - The different states of the Earth Nation, as influenced by the North American Southwest, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Water Nation - Water peoples! As influenced by Hawaii, Mongolia, and Madagascar.
  • Fire Nation - A look at the last and final part of the Worldbending series - the Fire Nation! As influenced by Mesoamerica, India, and Japan.

this is so fucking awesome.

my god i wish this was real. 

I like this.

I like this…ALOT


This just made my day. Love love love love LOVE it!


Lin Beifong: the life and times of a badass

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